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Szuster: Bom dia, boa tarde, boa noite. Este é mais um episódio de Enzimas: breves reflexões que te ajudam a catalisar o agilismo em sua organização. Esse episódio de Enzimas hoje vai ser diferente, a gente gravou aqui direto do (Agile) [00:00:16] Brasil, e tivemos a oportunidade de trazer uma reflexão do (Woody Zuill) [00:00:22] que foi um keynote aqui no congresso e vai falar um pouquinho sobre a importância do lean (no ágil) [00:00:28].

Woody: So, we first need to understand what is our goal, what are we trying to do, and our goal should never be to be agile or to be lean, or to become good at (scrum) [00:00:41]. Those are a path, maybe, that we can take to a goal, but those things themselves are just ways to think about what we might want to do. So lean brings a certain number of things that we want to think about, agile brings some other things we want to think about, so understanding what are our end goal is, or what we really want to do, is what is important to me. And the reason I talk about lean is that, as we try to answer the question, because people always ask me “how can it possibly be productive, to have five or six people working in one computer?”, as we do at (Mob) [00:01:19] Programming; people would ask me that and my first intention in hearing that is that: I don’t know how it can be, all I know is that it was getting us very good results, what we wanted was to be getting more of the good things done that we want to get done, and (fewer) [00:01:37] of the bad things that we don’t want to get done. The things that we shouldn’t be concerned with, that we ended being concerned with, what we are trying to follow some methodology. So lean itself addresses some things that are considered (wastes) [00:01:53], so it is a way to think about, you can look at your factory floor, or your manufacturing plant, and you can say: these things are actually wastes, that we think are good things, so we need to learn what about is a waste and why is it important to us, and then we need to seek ways to reduce that waste. As we were learning why we thought Mob Programming worked for us, start becoming clear that we accidentally or without purpose eliminated at lot of the wastes in software development. So, Lean itself gives us a way to think, agile gives us a way to think. Agile really asks for us to pay attention to make it easy for the individuals to work well, (inint) [00:02:38] is make it easy for them to have the inner actions with the other people, (inint) [00:02:42] let’s make it easy to collaborate. And we have to consciously try to do that. You know, it’s a funny thing, but this is sort of what consultants always say, it depends on the context; each company is going to be different, so if I’m going to give any advice at all, I would say: don’t assume that something that worked at some other company is going to work here; we need to find for ourselves the things that work here, so being aware of what other people are using and trying to do is good, but we have to experiment with it ourselves, and try things for ourselves, pay a lot of attention and see what improves, see what doesn’t improve, trying not to have too many changes at one time, one little change at a time, so you can see the (effective it makes) [00:03:33].

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ENZIMAS #03 Woody Zuill e a importância de ser lean

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