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M1: Bom dia, boa tarde, boa noite. Este é mais um episódio de Enzimas, breves reflexões que te ajudam a catalisar o agilismo em sua organização. Hoje a gente está gravando diretamente do Agile Brasil, e temos a participação muito especial do Alistair Cockburn que vai fazer uma breve reflexão sobre o que é o coração do movimento ágil na visão dele.

Alistair: Hello, everybody. This is Alistair Cockburn, I am now in Belo Horizonte, Brasil, at the Agile Brazil Conference, and they asked me here at DTI if I would make a small podcast for them, maybe about three or five minutes, so I am happy to do that. First of all, since I am assuming the listeners are in Brasil, I want to say that this is my first time in Brasil, I am really happy to finally get here, I have been wanting to come to Brasil for about ten years, so I came to São Paulo, I spent a couple of days there, and now in Belo horizonte, and I really enjoy the people, the spirit and the energy here, and I am looking forward to coming back again. Now, it is on my mind the simplification of agile. The agile manifesto was already very simple at the time, in 2001. It has four values, and maybe three sentences on top of that, but that is too long and complicated for 2019. So, about four years ago, I did my first radical simplification of agile into just four words: collaborate, deliver, reflect, improve. That is all you need to do. Collaborate to deliver, reflect to improve; and then you reflect on the collaboration, on delivery, and then you improve those things. The basic idea is this, that life and the world are complicated, but if we (only how) [00:02:04] really there are only two words, which are collabore and deliver, because we will reflect on those things. It is only two words. To the extent that you collaborate better, everything will go better. To the extent that you collaborate worse, everything will go worse. That is obvious. So we just put our center on collaboration, without talking about frameworks, techniques or anything else, we just ask the simple question: what can we do to improve collaboration? And similarly with deliver, but deliver is not one big thing at the end. Deliver is a matter of doing baby tiny deliveries into the world, to learn how the world works. This are (probes) [00:02:55]. So, (a synonym) [00:02:57] for deliver is probe, so you probe the world to learn how it works. Now, if we take this four words, collaborate, deliver, reflect and improve, which I call the heart of agile, I already (said) [00:03:13] too many words, so I need to simplify my simplification of agile, so it doesn’t need so many words. I want to thank my colleague from Argentina, a lady by the name of (Soledad Pinter) [00:03:26], – you should look her up -, she found a short phrase for each of these four words. If we take collaboration, what is the shortest thing that we can say? I would say it is to increase the quality of listening, to create a culture of listening. As people listen better, the collaboration improves. So, we have only one sentence. Remember: agile is only two words: collaborate and deliver. Plus, of course, reflect and improve, on top of that. All we have to think about is increase the quality of listening, which will improve the collaboration. Under deliver, she has just two words: small and often. So we simplify the simplification. Collaborate increase the quality of listening, deliver, small and often. Under reflect, we look for what would we like our world to look like, reflect on this: what do you want the world to look like? Just focus on that. What do you want the world to look like? Under improve, it is make small change, small changes. Lots of small changes, and you will have a big change after a while. So, that way, if you are looking at a (agile) [00:05:07] transformation, or you are doing a project, and you want to try to get the benefit of agile, without the complexity of agile, four words, collaborate, deliver, reflect and improve, with these things. Improve the quality of listening, deliver small and often, think about what you want the world to look like, and make one small change. That is the message I have for you today. Thank you. Good bye and best wishes.

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ENZIMAS #04 Alistair Cockburn e o coração do movimento ágil

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